Welcome to the Nocca Archipelago!

A place filled with adventure and excitement, with 7 islands (formally 9) that were created from one back in History.

The Islands are (in clockwise order, starting from the south most) Nocca, Ingtwo, Bellen, Grar, Whurgyth, Fellengollia, and Swassis.  There are also two former islands in the center of the archipelago, Mechon and Ellonel.

If you are new to the campaign, check out the character creation packet found here.  It provides the basic info to determine what kind of character you want to create.  Once you select a race & class, you can find more detailed info about them at the same link.

If you want more pdfs to look through, I also have some Books you can look through, as well as NPCs organized by creature type, and other various things, like deities, locations, and rules.

If you want to know more about the story thus far, you can check out some of the early adventure logs, from Session 1 to Session 25.

You can also look at the Party and current Side Quests.

Nocca Archipelago

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